Total commitment by every employee to producing consistent quality products and improving the Quality Management Systems to fulfill customer satisfaction.


1. What do you mean by naturally preserved fruit snack?
A: All our products of dried fruit snack is preserved through natural means without adding any preservatives, no artificial sweetener, no artificial colouring and no Saccharin.

2. What is the difference between consuming the raw guava and your product of dried/dehydrated guava?
A: Same amount of Dietary Fiber you gained by consuming 10 pieces of raw guava is equivalent to consuming 100 gram of our dried guava.

3. Is it true that constipation problem will be solved after consuming your dried guava?
A: Drink lots of water after consuming our dried guava to ease your constipation problem.

4. Did Gar’s acquire any recognition and certifications thus far?
A: Gar’s has been winning awards and certificates since 2002. The first of our achievements was the HALAL certification by Jabatan Agama Johor (now known as JAKIM) a highly-coveted title which allows all walks of life to enjoy Gar’s products.

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5. What is consumer's point of view regarding Gar's products?
A: Award won in Beauty and Health category with the title "Winner of Nutritional Snacks in 2002" and award that we won with the title "Best Dried Preserved Fruits 2011" augur well of our healthy and nutritious products.

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